An exceptional terroir, a plot which allows to make wonderful wines


chimiques pendant plusieurs décennies.
La Syrah est plantée au Nord elle est donc plus tardive; le Grenache quant à lui exposé au sud mûrit plus rapidement ce qui permet de les ramasser ensemble – manuellement bien sûr! - et de les co-fermenter. Le Grenache est pour moitié non égrappé pour donner un côté plus minéral. Cette co-fermentation permet de mieux révéler le terroir.
This 2.5-hectare vineyard of Syrah and Grenache is located in the Pézenas viticultural area. The sandstone or silt from these Triassic soils is a natural wonder for growing vines. A cursory glance reveals stony ground which promotes drainage and prevents rainwater from standing, thereby providing a natural ally against vine disease. But the soil’s greatest strength is that it acts as an amazing source of coolness, protecting our vines against drought. Slightly acid, it produces flamboyant wines with extremely refined tannins. The vines are situated at the top of a hill, Grenache facing South and Syrah North, which means we can harvest both varieties at the same time.
All our vines are harvested by hand. The Syrah and Grenache are put in the same tank. Winemaking is traditional with no added yeast. Low-temperature fermentation enables good extraction, particularly at the start of fermentation
This technique allows us to achieve greater precision during the maturation phase in 2-3-year-old Burgundy casks lasting 12 months, followed by 2 months’ ageing in concrete tanks.
Grenache noir
pH: 3.54
Volatile acidity: 0.6 g/l
Total acidity: 3.13 g/l


T° of service: 16°C / 61°F
Ageing potential
5 years
Beautiful bright ruby. Aromas of red fruits with a trace of blackberry. A beautiful gentle fruit expression on palate entry with added complexity of warm spices and a light herbaceous character, it is long on the palate with an elegant finish and refined, lush tannins.
Food pairings
Its expressive elegance makes it the perfect match for a tender beef fillet or coq au vin.